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Global Marine Services


JESCO Global Marine Services will maintain the assets of our clients while in lay-up status. JESCO uses forward-thinking methods to move rigs back into service in a straightforward and streamlined way.



Hot/Warm/ Ready Stacked

JESCO Global keeps hot stacked rigs moored in a safe harbor at one of our locations, typically retaining most of its crew as required.

Part of the stacked state is to operate normal maintenance to keep the rig active so that the rig remains work ready in anticipation of a contract.

Cold Stacking (“mothballed”)

JESCO Global cold stacks rigs by shutting down and storing them in a safe harbor, shipyard, or designated offshore area.

A skeletal crew is maintained to ward off the criminal element and to protect the rig’s facilities by applying protective coatings, filling engines with protective fluids, installing dehumidifiers, and other necessary services in order to preserve the asset.

Cold Stacked rigs are typically out of service for a significant period of time and are generally not considered to be part of marketable supply.

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24/7 manned emergency response: call 850-255-5300